Grundtvig learning partnership  “New Life to Traditional Stories”:

Portuguese organization GAIAC – 

GAIAC is a social-cultural association from V.N. Gaia, Portugal, with teachers, trainers and learners, some of them linked to Escola Secundaria Antonio Sergio, which besides the secondary school is providing lifelong-learning for adults during a daily program running from 7 pm to midnight. GAIAC will bring to this project the involvement of adult learners coming from this school and also the experience of organizing projects for the last 10 years.
GAIAC has experience organizing workshops and training, most of them with local artists and performers. In this special field, the aims of this work is about including participatory methodologies, involving all kind of people focusing on groups suffering social exclusion. 

Finnish organization SDPL Helsingin –

SDPL Helsingin ja Uudenmaan piiri ry  (usually just called “Helsinki Pioneers”) is member of the national “Pioneers” organization, which is a non-profit children and youth organization supported by the government and by local municipalities. The Helsinki pioneers operate as local independent children and youth organization and is involved with youth-clubs all year around and offering cultural, leisure time activities as music and theater projects for children and young people in our community. Apart from the children and youth we make courses and training to adults in various skills needed in camp/project planning and managing and how to use arts in youth work a.o. as a tool for social inclusion. In this partnership we will host a training course in how to use songwriting, composing, music.

Estonian organization MTÜ Foorumteater

Forum theatre is a form of interactive theatre developed by a Brazilian director Augusto Boal as a part of his participatory theatre method system called “Theatre of the Oppressed”. In the forum theatre method, the theatre group presents a social problem – an injustice or “oppression” – that is relevant to the audience. In a forum theatre performance there will be no end solution for the problem, but the conflict is left unsolved. The audience is activated to explore solutions for the problem by inviting the audience (“spect-actors”) on the stage to act the solutions for the problems.

Forum theatre is also a workshop technique where there is no predetermined time span for the play. The group, for example a group of mothers, creates these plays entirely by themselves. These theatrical exercises are used to explore the social themes, problems and oppressions of the group. Forum theatre has been used to tackle such issues as racism, substance abuse, sexual prejudice or bullying in schools. It is utilized in media education and interactive discussion forums on TV. According to Boal, it aims to empowerment of individuals or groups; it is “rehearsal for the reality”.

Danish organization ARTTRAIN – 

The aims of ARTTRAIN is to promote the use of the performing arts (music, dance and theater) as a socio-pedagogical tool
This is done through:
A) pilot projects in this field
B) research
C) information activity
D) impact on decision makers

Arttrain is coordinating the European network “Drums for Peace” and works in partnership with organizations all over Denmark and Europe. From Denmark the partners are very often production-schools (second-chance schools) working with disadvantaged young adults.

French organization- Association Pourquoi Pas! –

«Pourquoi Pas!» is a social-cultural organization from Montluçon. since 1989 its objective is “to create (set up) a new space of expression and cultural exchanges”, gathering members from different fields (Music, Dance, visual arts, theater, sociology with teachers, trainers and learners …).

Italian organization Comune di Cinisello Balsamo – 

Cinisello Balsamo Municipality with its Social Policy and Projects Planning Department carries out, mainly with other subjects of the territory, projects which aim at supporting people and their skills development. The intervention areas are youth policy, social cohesion & inclusion program (development of the community and involvement of foreign citizens), drugs’ prevention, youth mobility, protagonist and active participation of youngsters to social life, services for foreigners and linguistic-cultural mediation projects.

Romanian organization ACTOR

The Cultural Association for Theater and Origami in Romania, ACTOR has the mission to offer to its beneficiaries (children and young people) the necessary instruments for communicating their ideas and feelings to the people around them, and also to teach them discover new ways of self-expression, which can strengthen their self-confidence, help them find their right place in community and develop in harmony with themselves and with the society. Often these instruments draw on the abilities the young people themselves were not aware of or they had no courage to use.