eBook and outcomes

    “New Life to Traditional Stories” has now been a two year project during which several training mobilities and meetings took place. However, at the end of this two year period all the seven partner organizations involved, coming from seven European countries, contributed to the final result of this Grundtvig action. Therefore, being coordinated by the Portuguese organization GAIAC, they have among others developed an eBook which includes the main theme, objectives and achievements of their work plus description about the methodology used throughout the G2 project. Below you can see the link to the eBook plus other links to information about local or international events carried out by the participating organizations.

    eBook“The main objective of the project New Life Traditional Stories was to facilitate the development of innovative practices in adult education and their transfer to others. To facilitate the development of innovative practices in adult education…” [read more].

The document can be also accessed from “Drums for Peace” website: for web version please click here and for print version click here. Please note that for the print version the document should be printed double sided and after folded on the middle (like the crop marks).

Other links and information:

New Life to Traditional Stories Final Video
Short movie from last meeting in Porto, Portugal
“New Life to Traditional Stories” Facebook group page
European Shared Treasure database containing results of NLTS project

From MTÜ Foorumteater, Estonia

Project webpage in Estonian – http://foorumteater.com/new-life-to-traditional-stories/
Training in Romania – http://foorumteater.com/rumeenia-varjuteatri-koolitus/
Training in Finland – http://foorumteater.com/soome-kunstide-teemaline-koolitus/
Half-way meeting in Denmark – http://foorumteater.com/vahekohtumine/
Training in France – http://foorumteater.com/grundtvigi-opikoostoo-projekti-koolitus-prantsusmaal/
Training in Estonia (in English) – http://foorumteater.com/forum-theatre-and-traditional-stories/
More pictures – https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.703498079693490.1073741848.262596720450297&type=3
Training in Portugal – http://foorumteater.com/e-raamatu-esitlus-ja-avalik-etendus-portugalis/
As local action the Estonian partners did a community day in small community with different workshops to children and forum theatre performance in a daycare center for old people – http://foorumteater.com/kogukonnapaev-emmastes/

In addition, please see some translated comments from learners from different mobilities.

 From Associtation Pourquois Pas!, France

A French traditional story – http://www.association-pourquoipas.fr/pdf/The%20wolf%20and%20the%20dog.pdf
Seven countries shared music, danced and sang – http://www.association-pourquoipas.fr/pdf/La%20montagne-article1.pdf

From A.C.T.O.R., Romania

“New life for traditional stories” to the end

From Helsinki Pioneers, Finland

Web page about NLTS project
Comments from learners.