Objectives and Tasks

The concrete objective of the proposed partnership will be to facilitate the development of innovative practices in adult education and their transfer, including a participating country, to others.
The objectives are:
• to facilitate the development of innovative practices in adult education  particularly with vulnerable and marginalised adults;
• to use the arts as a tool to promote intercultural understanding and social inclusion;
• to find, in the local communities, a range of traditional stories,  facilitating the contact between generations through  older people and storytellers;
• to share and disseminate this work throughout the Drums for Peace network and in the local communities;
• to build capacity for participating organization to develop the work in their own communities;




The partner organizations and their tasks (click on each org. name for more details):

Comune di Cinisello Bálsamo will host and organise the first meeting, a staff and planning meeting which will fine tune the project.
– ACTOR will host a training course using paper work as an educational tool and shadow theatre as a communication tool. ACTOR offers the participants the chance to use new ways of communicating their ideas and feelings to the people around them, and also to teach them to discover new ways of self-expression, which can strengthen self-confidence. The visual dimension of this kind of theatre will help the intercultural nonverbal communication in the context of myths and legends symbolic universe.
Helsinki Pioneers will organize and host a workshop where the participants will create an artistic product using different art forms, with traditional stories.
– ARTTRAIN will be responsible for the preparation and delivery of the half-way meeting and to host a group of learners in the activities of a Nordic Festival, where they will assist artists and workshops leaders. This event will follow after the training in Finland and in a festival-context practice how it is possible to use elements from traditional Nordic cultural as a tool for learning and aesthetic practice.
– Association Pourquoi Pas will provide a training course using African and French tradition, learning street movement and oral communication tools.
– MTÜ Foorumteater will host and deliver a training course about Forum Theater. In training we will look at traditional stories and find problems and issues and address them using different techniques of Forum Theatre and Theatre of The Oppressed.
– GAIAC will organize and host the final event of the partnership. This will be a performance prepared by participants and artists, showing some traditional stories in their new art forms. GAIAC is coordinating this partnership.

All the partners will contribute to the whole project by disseminating their knowledge about local networking.
An e-book and interactive website will be prepared together, with the contributions of the participants, and will be shown by the older people that collaborate giving to the partnership their story telling.