Grundtvig project “New Life to Traditional Stories” in the frame of the KulturKlash festival

9. September, 2013

         Many international projects took place in Guldborgsund municipality, Denmark, during the annual KulturKlash festival. One of them was Grundtvig-project “New Life to Traditional Stories”, which here had a follow-up on the training provided in Finland in April.
        This part of the project was hosted by Arttrain in close cooperation with the local culture-house-organisation “CultHus” and the participants in the Grundtvig-mobility both worked  as trainers using some of the new skills gained in Finland and they  took part in activities, which in many different ways approached the theme of our project: How to use traditional stories in a modern learning context.


From Medieval-Centre,Nykoebing-F,DK

From Medieval-Centre,Nykoebing-F,DK

Stefanita Barbu+Massimo Capano at Medieval-Centre

Stefanita Barbu+Massimo Capano at Medieval-Centre

Stefanita Barbu+Massimo Capano at Medieval-Centre-kopi

Stefanita Barbu+Massimo Capano at Medieval-Centre

Volunteers at medieval-Centre-kopi

Volunteers at medieval-Centre

Antti Nordin joining Faroe-dance

Antti Nordin joining Faroe-dance


Please follow the link below and enjoy a nice short video with a “Faroe” dance:

Antti Nordin joining Faroe Dance (video)

Before the festival started it was decided that 3 of the other international should take as an inspiration the old, Northern, pagan story of Thor and his hammer and the projects came up with many interesting, creative interpretations of this.

“CIRQUE” in Nykoebing F, Guldborgsund (DK) hosted by Nyxus with partners from Estonia, Italy, Iceland, Poland and Denmark:



“Youth4Com” in Stubbekoebing, Guldborgsund (DK) hosted in cooperation with CultHus & Arttrain with partners from Romania, Finland and Latvia:



“VIBES 2013” in Vaggerloese, Guldborgsund (DK) hosted by CultHus:



Photo credits: Daniela Stoian