Comments of Estonian learners

From a training in Romania:
Training in Romania was, like I was hoping, very nice! I hoped to get some new knowledge, which I can use in my work in Estonia, but also to meet nice people with whom I could spend these days. I got both my goals. I have already applied things I learned in the training in my work, in a theatre piece by Cabaret Rhizome “Applejam” and with my new friends I would go anywhere anytime!”.
For me, shadow theatre was completely new things. But I liked the system very much, that we didn’t spend too much time on theory and started directly with practical phase. I think I learned much faster and efficient like this. I can assure, that I got new knowledge and experience by participating. I got this kind of experience, which doesn’t stay in me only as a good memory. I have already in a school, where I work as a teacher, made some plans how to use what I learned. I have a lot of ideas, how to implement what I learned!”

From a training in Finland:
It was interesting to watch and learn, how the creativity, new ideas, talent and originality of team members culminated in a final performance. Project was very organized very well, especially considering time. Non-formal methods, used in a project, gave me a lot to think about it and increased my knowledge in this field. These creative learning methods can be definitely used in new projects, while doing workshops, especially with different cultures and nations.”.
“After we performed we gathered all together and focused on listening. How much we really listen to other person, while we communicate with him? Once again I had to admit, that are You from Estonia, Italy or France – people have a lot more similarities than it might look in the beginning”.

From France:
The aim of the training was to open people minds by different practical skills. Hosting organization was “Pourquoi Pas!”, who welcomed us very warmly!“.

Training was different than others, which was built up on a lot of non-formal time passing, which allowed a lot of participants to communicate a lot”.

Project went by very fast and in a good mood. We could practice playing drums, get used to African rhythms, enjoy local nature, sightseeing and food and drinks. Like usually, the main focus was on integration and exchanging experience and advice with other participants and locals. Also, I liked the evening dinner time which very slowly turned into enjoyable musical improvisations“.