During 10 years the Drums for Peace network  has created a wide ranging program of youth exchanges, training programs, meetings and seminars using performing and media arts as a tool for experiential learning, personal development and transformation. Training has included music, visual theatre – shadow and objects animation, dance, theatre which focuses on  interactive drama, the use of games/ice breakers, and circle time. Some of this training has been incorporated into the organizations “life”, creating a new methodology on using the arts as a tool to promote inclusion, to link the arts, the generations, the past and the present to build a better future.

This partnership intends to use the experience of each organization to create new products that we will show each other and share with the global community. Celebrating 2012 – the European Year of for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, the learning partnership will collect traditional stories from each country, most of them involving older people contribution, to bring new interpretation through different art forms and increase the learners experience, the dynamics of the partnership and the communities.